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American Standard air conditioners are widely recognized as the best solution for in home heating and cooling. American Standard manufactured equipment is guaranteed to last longer than any other manufacturer. American Standard also has among the highest S.E.E.R. ratings in the industry, which translates to higher efficiency and lower energy bills for consumers.

Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems provide high quality HVAC equipment at a lower price. Bryant is also near the top when it comes to quality and efficiency.

During the summer, as the sun radiates heat onto your roof, your roof's shingles or tile becomes very hot. This heat is transferred through the roof and in turn heats up the air inside your attic. If the hot air stays inside your attic, the heat from this air will eventually enter your home. While attic insulation slows this process, it does not eliminate the heat transfer process entirely. If your attic is not very well insulated, it will do very little to stop the heat from getting through. Additionally, a hot attic stays hot long after the sun goes down, so the process of heat transfer into your home never really ends.

Bathroom exhaust fans pull warm, moist air out of your bathroom, and through a vent in the ceiling, that air eventually reaches a roof vent where it is expelled into the atmosphere. The benefit of an exhaust fan in the bathroom is that it helps control moisture and also helps minimize the potentially dangerous effects of harsh cleaning chemicals. High powered Panasonic WhisperCeiling™ fans feature a totally enclosed condenser motor and a double-tapered, dolphin shaped bladed blower wheel to quietly move air. Our fan uses a wide blower wheel that moves a large amount of air at reduced RPMs, so it is quiet enough that you might not even know it's on.

Recessed Canned Light Reseal Kit

Recessed canned lights are very attractive and widely used in the Houston area. They are also the biggest dust magnets in your home. The can of the light extends in your attic and is manufactured with many holes that allow dust and insulation particles to enter your home. Our canned light reseal kit will correct the problem, blocking dust and attic particles from seeping in. As an added bonus, the reseal kit also stops hot attic air from entering the home.

We Sell/Service All Brands

We have been around for more than 25 years and have a wealth of experience with each and every brand of air conditioning and heating equipment available in Texas.

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