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Buying a new air conditioning and heating system is a large investment. There are a few VERY IMPORTANT things to consider before choosing a company to install your system.

Was a Manual-J or Heat Load performed on your home during your estimate?

A heat load calculation or manual-j calculation is used to determine the amount of heating (heat loss) or cooling (heat gain) needed to maintain desired temperature and humidity in your home.

The results from the heat load or manual-j calculation lets us know exactly the size of the system that will be required in your home for maximum comfort. If a company does not perform this calculation before installing a system, they are simply guessing as to what size system is best for you.

The Dept. of Energy and all HVAC manufacturers insist that a heat load/manual-j be performed on a home before any equipment is installed. Some municipalities also require this step to be taken prior to issuing mechanical permits.

Why you should NEVER go with the lowest price:

Generally, all contractors get equipment for about the same price. This means the only way to short change you is to make cuts on labor cost and smaller ancillery items required for a quality installation.

The installation is the most important part of an HVAC system. A poorly installed system will not operate efficiently leading to higher light bills, uneven cooling and heating and will shorten the life of the system.

For your protection, please thoroughly research a company before making the large investment of buying a new heating and cooling system:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Does the company have a good track record and A+ rating with BBB?
  • Does the company have adequate insurance?
  • Does the company have any customer references you may check?
  • Did the company perform a heat load or manual J calculation during the estimate?

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